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COVID-19 Update from Boost

While we’ve spoken to many of you directly (and we encourage the rest of you to contact us) we want to make sure that you’re all up to speed on what Boost is doing during these unprecedented times. The Provinces are making the right decisions in designating Dealerships as an essential service. That being said, we understand that for most, if not many of you, this means keeping the service doors open while very little sales traffic is coming through the door. For those of you still operating your new and used vehicle departments getting those vehicles online is more important now than ever. Here is what Boost is currently doing.

  • We’re being safe – our employees are washing their hands, using sanitizer, and using disposable gloves, to ensure that keys and cars are left clean; we’d ask that you reciprocate – if you have already put a process in place, we will abide by it
  • We’re trying to minimize physical contact with everyone – we’d ask that you leave keys out for us in advance
  • We’re trying to assess your needs for vehicle collection. Even if you’re staying open, there may be fewer cars coming to your lot; you may be worried about costs. We will be reaching out, or please call/email us to let us know your current needs.
  • Your customers may not be in a rush to come to your store, but online activity remains high (refer to dealer stat page). For those who still need a vehicle, your online presence is more critical now than ever – let’s make sure your vehicles are represented.

We’re no experts on this virus, but we sit at the crosspoint of many industry players – dealers, OEMs, media, software. We’re made aware of some great sources of information (while trying to navigate through the pile of fake and sensational coverage as well) We will post some of the resources we come across, that you make find useful. Here are a few for starters:

If you are closing your doors temporarily, let’s ensure your online presence still remains strong. Call us and we’ll work out a plan.

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